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Antoine Tremblay 

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Principal Software Engineer, AI Engineering

Neuraxio has been of great help to our business, understanding our problems quickly and providing solutions that went above and beyond our expectations. In just a few meetings at the beginning, they already saved us months of research. Their clean code approach and deep data science expertise sets them apart from the other firms and enabled us to collaborate with confidence, I highly recommend.

Jérôme Bédard

- Umaneo -
Data scientist, Project manager

Neuraxio has been of great help for Umaneo. They helped us design and build our AI service. Our collaboration has been a success so far. Plus, I like their Python library Neuraxle a lot!

Our Leader

Guillaume Chevalier

- Neuraxio -
Machine Learning Director

Guillaume participated in more than 57 artificial intelligence projects for more than 20 tech companies in North America and in Europe, especially for machine learning and deep learning projects. With early success in conveying R&D projects, he was most of the time the youngest person in every business he worked for. Now with 9 years programming experience with 7 of these years being in machine learning, his early start in AI will allow him and his team to help you move faster and in the good direction with your technical projects, delivering work of outstanding quality. 

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