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How should you progress through your machine learning project, from scratch to beginning? 
Take a look at our business process: 
Machine Learning Business Process Neuraxio
It's simple: first, define the problem. Unbelievably, that's often the hardest step. Then an evaluation metric depending on your business goals and data imbalance. In the figure above at the left, you prepare your data (ideally, or we help you with it as well). At the right, we identify and provide the algorithms we believe is the best to solve your problem. Then the data meets the algorithm and that makes for a hot mix. 

But how we choose our models? There are hudrends and thounsands of different possible algorithms to use out there. It's the same for ways to preprocess your data into the algorithm. That requires expertise, creativity and investigation. It also entirely depends on the identified problem to solve, and your quantities of data as follow: 
How to choose a machine learning or deep learning model
To sum up:
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Is Complicated: there is a whole panoply of machine learning techniques that are possible. How to pick yours? 
  • Real Expertise Is Rare: let us start your project the right way before hiring your next intern - he probably haven't worked on more than 57 AI projects before. 
  • We Are Selective: We are in demand and we refuse to work on impossible projects - you'll know it if so. We accept 20% of the projects proposed to us. 
Request a meeting with our one-man-army consultant & expert, Guillaume Chevalier, to kickstart your project on the right path and provide you with a plan. Get a first analysis and coaching contract with us before we start your project with a new contract (or before you delegate this to your next intern or employee):
Disclaimer: By doing business with us, you may overgo several stages of frustration, disappointment, and irritability. However, by doing business with us, you should be less dissatisfied than you were before, and you should be well set so that your project be realizable. Machine Learning projects are hard. Do it right with us. Start now. 
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Guillaume Chevalier, founder at Neuraxio Inc.:

Guillaume participated in more than 57 artificial intelligence projects for more than 20 tech companies in North America and in Europe, especially for machine learning and deep learning projects. With early success in conveying R&D projects, he was most of the time the youngest person in every business he worked for. Now with 9 years programming experience with 7 of these years being in machine learning, his early start in AI will allow him and his team to help you move faster and in the good direction with your technical projects, delivering work of outstanding quality.
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